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Welcome to GTG Deployment
GTG (Good To Go) Deployment is a cloud tool for instant deployment to your servers.
If you use a version control system like
  • GitHub
  • BitBucket
  • Azure DevOps / VSO / VSTS
  • FTP
- you can configure GTG deployment to make sure that everytime code is checked in, it will be distributed to the servers or websites instantly.

Introducing GTG deployments 4 basic concepts:
Repositories / Destinations / Distributions / Deployments

So when code is committed/checked-in the GTG deployment agent will spin up, download the changes and distribute them to the destination(s).
is where you code is stored. BitBucket, Azure DevOps or maybe GitHub.
is where your code is running/is deployed to.
(Currently only FTP and SFTP is supported).
is your configuration/recipe of where and what to deploy.
are your view into what and when code/projects where deployed.


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Plans that cater to everyone
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